Allison Rhen

Ms. Allison Marie Rhen has over 20 years of marketing experience in the defense and commercial markets. She joined MJLM in 2011 as a Business Development Specialist. After five years with the company, Allison became the Director of Business Development for the Huntsville division. Within her short time at MJLM, she has developed several meaningful relationships and helped build brand awareness for the company. As Executive Vice President of Operations, she is responsible for a wide range of duties including sales and client-relationship management, tracking new markets and emerging trends, recommending new products and services, proposing and developing strategic partnerships, proposal and capture management, and guiding long-term objectives.

Prior to MJLM, Ms. Rhen was a member of the Army Materiel Command (AMC) Fellows Program. As a Fellow, she graduated from the US Army’s Logistics Leadership College (ALLC) located at Texarkana, Texas at Red River Army Depot (RRAD) focusing in two (2) career-paths (CP): CP17 “Maintenance” and CP13 “Supply.” After completing the program, she was transferred from RRAD to Redstone Arsenal (RSA) to support the US Army Logistics Support Activity (LOGSA) performing as Logistics Management Specialist (GS-0346) tracking Government ground vehicles and assets. During her tenure with LOGSA, Allison was personally recognized by then Deputy Chief of Staff, G-4, LTG Ann Dunwoody, for her efforts in increasing the US Army’s ability to track Battle Loss Equipment in theatre.

Currently, Ms. Rhen serves on several non-profit Board of Directors for local and national organizations. She has supported the Huntsville Association of Small Businesses in Advanced Technology (HASBAT) since 2014 and was elected President of the organization in 2016. She has served as the Membership Director for Women in Defense – Tennessee Valley Chapter (WID-TVC) Executive Board of Directors since 2017, and previously served as Secretary in 2016. She is also the Vice President of the Huntsville Association of Technical Societies (HATS) and a longtime supporter and volunteer of the Huntsville/Madison County Chamber of Commerce.