Test, Measurement, & Diagnostic Equipment (TMDE)

Capabilities - TMDETest & Evaluation – To aid the Warfighter in maintaining fully-mission capable (FMC) status, MJLM provides service and repair to assets and components on-site in CONUS locations as well as OCONUS locations. In many cases, we provide chipset-level inspection to determine the root cause of a failed asset or component.  Through thorough lab testing, field testing, and inspection, MJLM is able to determine the precise procedures and repairs necessary for faulty components. This process reduced equipment downtime and turnaround time, resulting in government cost savings.  MJLM investigates, analyzes, and resolves operational failures of functional and ancillary equipment.  MJLM identifies alternative components, provides reverse engineering to re-design hardware for mitigating obsolescence and increasing Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF).

Automatic Test Equipment/Test Program Sets (ATE/TPS) – Over the years, MJLM has gained extensive experience supporting Automatic Test Equipment/Test Program Sets (ATE/TPS) development, test and evaluation, and sustainment. MJLM uses the computer in the Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) to  execute test software written in a standard language such as ATLAS, Labview, Ada, C++,  Visual Basic and    other languages.  MJLM is able to configure the ATE to test both black boxes (Line Replaceable Units   (LRUs)) and circuit cards (Shop Replaceable Units (SRUs)).MJLM is able to configure the ATE to test both black boxes (line Replaceable Units) and circuit cards (Shop Replaceable Units).

Modeling & Simulation – During the initial validation/verification prototype phase, MJLM ensures the specified system performance parameters are achieved as a result of modeling & simulation (M&S) techniques.  The techniques are used to determine whether the device or system behaves in accordance with the expected functional specifications.