Capabilities - Sustainment
Maintenance/Repair – To aid the Warfighter in maintaining fully-mission capable (FMC) status, MJLM provides service and repair to assets and components on-site in CONUS locations. In many cases,  we provide chipset-level inspection to determine the root cause of a failed asset or component.  Through thorough lab testing, field testing, and inspection, MJLM is able to determine the precise procedures and repairs necessary for faulty components. This process reduced equipment downtime and turnaround time, resulting in government cost savings.
Fabrication – Since 2005, MJLM has been fabricating components and parts for our Government customers.  MJLM is known for providing our customers with solutions to their circuit card assembly (CCA), printed circuit assembly (PCA), and cable assembly needs/requirements.  When fabricating the CCAs/PCAs for our customers, MJLM evaluates the existing design and/or creates a CCA/PCA design to satisfy the mission requirements.
Kitting – MJLM kitting process includes the preassembly of individual items into ready-to-ship kits instead of shipping individual items as orders are received. Material procurement quantities require in-depth consideration and analysis to determine if the initial kit design cost and/or kit production units are fair and reasonable.
RESET/Refurbishment – MJLM helps Military Units maintain readiness-levels during the RESET process by employing Commodity Management principles.  MJLM’s approach to RESET supports U.S. military war/contingency operations by reporting supply information into Defense supply databases, identifying inventory replenish points, and fulfilling system RESET distribution requirements.  MJLM uses historical data records from Government database to identify the technical requirements needed to RESET military equipment to its 10/20, Depot-level standard. MJLM then provides our customer with recommendations regarding the initial planning of inventory quantities, Depot/maintenance requirements, and cost associated with the RESET process. As the program is executed, MJLM will perform and track maintenance actions, inventory reviews, budget analysis, and compile status reports to ensure the equipment is returned to the Owning-Unit on time and within budget.