untitledAsset Management – To assist the Department of Defense (DoD) in maintaining asset management cost at a minimum, MJLM manages military assets across several Defense programs through our Liaison Officers (LNO), Field Service Representatives (FSR), and Inventory Control Specialists. MJLM’s asset management objective is to provide our Defense customers with uninterrupted equipment stock levels to support system/component production, foreign military sales (FMS), and end-user readiness requirements at minimal cost.  Through this function, MJLM is responsible for accurately processing, storing, and issuing parts from the Defense inventory systems.  Furthermore, MJLM complies with the United States Department of Defense (DoD) mandated policy for Item Unique Identification (IUID).  IUIDs are a permanent marking method used to give military assets a unique identification number or ID to advance the tracking of equipment.  MJLM creates, prints, tracks, and administers IUID data tags and bar-codes for our Defense customers.
Facility Support Services/Warehousing – MJLM provides supply and warehousing support to Defense programs consisting of a comprehensive supply program approach. MJLM’s approach to warehousing focuses on program management support, automated inventory/stock control system, replenishment actions, shipping/receiving, equipment storage, and facility support services. To ensure Government compliance, MJLM follows standard processes and controls that are consistent with U.S. Army policies and regulations.
Technical Manuals – MJLM provides Technical Writers to update technical manuals and publications to the most recent configuration based on equipment Engineering Change Proposals (ECP) and system modifications.   MJLM Technical Writers follow Department of Defense (DoD) publication/documentation processes to revise content of existing Technical Manuals, Supply Bulletins, Test Sets, and Parts Lists, including supplies, equipment, and other materials for United States and Foreign Military Sales (FMS) regulations.
Administration – MJLM has extensive experience in the areas of administration and on-site management assistance services to support Department of Defense (DoD) Program Offices and Staff Members.  MJLM has performed daily program office operations to include interfacing with program Integrated Product Team (IPT) Leads and serving as a focal-point and key authority for records management, correspondence, mail management control and Command inspection coordination.  MJLM has maintained property books as well as contractor/civilian employee time, travel, training and incentive award records.
Training/Help Desk –MJLM has experience supporting a 24-hour, Help Desk to help the IFTE maintain, troubleshoot, and repair IFTE assets, Test Program Sets (TPS), and missile system Line Replaceable Units (LRU) and Shop Replacement Units (SRU). Through the Help Desk, MJLM was able to determine component breakdowns caused by frequency, voltage, resistance, and humidity degradation. MJLM’s troubleshooting expertise along with system testing and technical data provided an effective solution to identify failed system components in need of replacement. The customer was no longer required to perform site visits solely for maintenance actions resulting in a significant cost-savings to the Government.